Tea Dance

Dance Dance the afternoon away.

I recently had a look at the Tuesday Tea Dance and you know what? It looked wonderful, everyone was very friendly and lovely, they all seemed to be having a BALL of a time (get it?).

This class seems to be very welcoming to the young and old alike no matter the level of experience, if i had an ounce of dancing skill in my body I may well have joined in!

Watching all the wonderful dancers.

My assistant for the day found the class wonderful and very welcoming too, she had alot of fun meeting everyone but soon got so over worked she needed to take a rest.

Virgo resting her tired bones.

After chatting with someone attending the group I found they had only been going for a few weeks and had already found they loved it, they felt welcomed and that they would get any help they needed, I was also lucky enough to see one of the regular couples at the Tea Dance, the way they danced was amazing, very skillful indeed, just shows what practice can do for you.

If you like dancing then this is certainly the class for you they have classes on Tuesday 2PM – 4PM Wednesday 2:30PM – 4:30PM Thursday 1:30PM – 3:30PM and a Friday night dance at 8PM – 10:15PM

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