Maggies Stretch and Relaxation Yoga

You dont need to be a Pretzel for this Yoga

Recently I dropped into Maggie Palmer’s Stretch and Relaxation Yoga Class.


When many people think about Yoga they imagine people on little mats stretching their bodies into all kinds of stupifying Pretzel like positions and to be honest with you, so did I until I saw this class.

This class with Maggie Palmer is based on Yoga style exercises but designed to be much more gentle for those that may not quite be as bendy as a well-known children’s straw.

The exercises were gentle and relaxing whilst still stretching the body to aid in better mobility, it seemed to me that the attendees enjoyed the class as they were in high spirits; laughing and joking the whole way through, a few times even managing to get Maggie to crack up a little.

It was a pleasure capturing the media for this class as I felt they enjoyed my presence and shared jokes and good vibes with me too.

I look forward to seeing the attendees of this class again if I ever have the chance.

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