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Santa and chase in the same day!?!

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Bambinos Christmas party and wow did it look fun.

All the usual toys were laid out for the children to play with whilst parents got to have a good chinwag about the coming horror that is Christmas morn, dinner and the big tidy up.

However not long after the last of the children arrived than who should appear upon the stage? none other than good old St Nick himself, the children in the room rejoiced as Santa called them all by name to give them just what they wanted for Christmas with (of course) absolutely no intervention from the parents that brought them to this wonderful event.

Surely this could be the most exciting part of this wonderful day? It would appear not.

Whilst the children quickly unwrapped the presents given by their beloved Christmas icon amidst scream and squeals of excitement and unabashed childish glee a few eagle-eyed parent spotted someone approaching from the car park.

The room all but exploded as Chase from paw patrol walked through the door, the much loved canine star was soon surrounded by overjoyed children and parents taking pictures as he high fived and hugged his way across the room.

To top off this excitement fueled and gift-filled day there was a buffet of sandwiches and savoury treats laid out for children and parents to enjoy, this was all washed down with grape juices and juice pots.

All in all, I believe this day was a great success and a lovely end to the Bambinos year, children left smiling gifts in hand and hearts bursting with joy with all having had a wonderful time.

We here shall miss you all until we see you again on Wednesday the third of the new year.

Good night, God bless and Merry Christmas to you all in this most festive of seasons.

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